Monday, March 9, 2009

Busy People

Realized the other day that good theology shows up everywhere. For instance-Richard Scarry's Busy People books and videos for children that I used to read and watch with my nieces Marina and Evangeline when they were younger. The reformational theology of the priesthood of believers, that everyone, no matter what their vocation, could glorify God by doing their work diligently and masterfully. One didn't need to hole up in a monastary and pray all day long to please God. But ordinary people who loved Jesus, could be salt and light in the world by working hard at their various jobs, provide for their families and be a rich blessing to their communities and world. Delivering mail, putting out fires, baking bread, milking cows, teaching and instructing, cleaning and ironing, prepping and cooking, consulting, programming: anything one did that wasn't obviously in conflict with God's law, where one worked hard, stayed busy, and made oneself useful and productive- pleased and honored the Creator. Work and dominion is what we as people, (or talking critters by Richard Scarry) were made for. And we are to work hard and be diligent with a good attitude and cheerful obedience to God's commands and providences. In other words, have the attitude and demeanor of Pig Will, not Pig Won't. Be cheerful, optimistic, goal-oriented, focused, diligent, disciplined and faithful, not grumbly, lazy, complainy, fussy, whiny, scowling, murmuring, eye-rolling and angry. Pig Will is the wise man (pig) of proverbs and Pig Won't the foolish man (until he repents). Yes, be a Pig Will and the LORD with be with you and bless the work of your hands, world without end.

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