Tuesday, February 17, 2009

interested in eschatology

Check out this gold mine: www.reformedsermonarchives.com

It's many of the best sermons from some of the greatest preachers of Christendom. Do yourself a favor and read a sermon or five. Jonathan Edwards, Charles Spurgeon, JC Ryle- all here :)

And if you're interested in eschatology visit www.kennethgentry.com for some excellent books from a postmillenial / biblically optimistic perspective. Well-researched and very readable books that will help anyone bewildered by the ridiculousness of dispensational premillenialism or depressed by the Eeyore-ish gloominess of amillenialism. I've met Dr. Gentry on several occasions and have nearly all his books. He's a gracious, wise, thoughtful, humble man with compelling arguments. I highly recommend him to you.

There's also an excellent book by Keith Mathison, published by P&R (Presbyterian and Reformed) called Postmillenialism- An Eschatology of Hope, which is an outstanding follow-up to Dr. Gentry's books. I've also met Keith a couple times, and he's also gracious, gentle and wise. He's also written an excellent book on the Lord's Supper called Given for You which explains what John Calvin and the Reformers taught about communion.

Both Ken and Keith have been faithful husbands and fathers and pastors, and are good men of faith and practice. I've learned much from their books and their lives. Ken also has some lectures on Youtube on the book of Revelation. Enjoy.

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