Wednesday, February 25, 2009

one of my "life verses"

It's Wednesday Feb 25, 5pm. Just woke up from a two and a half hour nap since I've contracted a nasty cold. Went to the Mars Hill Shoreline Men's Prayer thingy this morning and had an encouraging and uplifting time as usual, despite not feeling great. It's always good to be with like-minded brothers who fear God and seek His face. Steve Tompkins, our campus pastor, asked for prayer since he will be prepping for and preaching three times this Sunday, since Mark Driscoll will be taking the week off. Steve said he's going to be talking about Christ's call of Peter (to leave his nets and become a fisher of men.) But when Steve first said he was going to be addressing the call of Peter to ministry, my mind jumped to the book of Acts where Peter is called to preach the gospel to the house of Cornelius, a household of God-fearing Gentiles who needed a preacher to tell them about the person, work, ministry, sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus. And who were all baptized by the Holy Spirit after they believed the gospel.

And furthermore from this amazing section of Scripture cometh one of my "life verses", which, when taken out of context is very applicable to yours truly. Acts 10:10 "And he [Peter] became very hungry and wanted to eat something, but while he was waiting for the meal to be prepared, he went into a trance..." :)

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  1. now then, I am up there in the corner listed as one of your "followers." which sounds like I am a disciple or something. If Jesus had a blog, I guess the disciples would have been his followers.